Cheers to you, women!

March is Women’s History Month! It’s a time we look back at all the amazing things women have accomplished. From the familiar heroines like the Suffragettes and Rosa Parks to our everyday heroines working hard under the radar to make the world a better place, we celebrate you all.

 We are lucky to be a woman-owned and led real estate partnership. By our account, Ali van Westenberg is a trailblazer in her own right, consistently being recognized for excellence in real estate by clients and peers alike. Her excellence rubs off on the rest of us and she holds us all to high standards so that we can provide our clients, families and friends with first-class experiences in all areas of life.

 Who are your female role models? How have they impacted your world? What can you do to let them know what an impact they’ve made on you? Here’s a few ideas:

1. Write a thank you note to thank her for all she has done for the way you think, work or see the world can brighten her day and encourage her to keep pushing in her field of expertise. 

2. Ring her up! When was the last time she got verbally recognized by someone she works with? What if she doesn’t know she’s making a difference? Show some appreciation for her and you might be part of the reason she keeps working so hard.

3. Send a gift. Do flowers, candies or treats ever get old?

4. Do something nice for her. If you know her personally, think about what you could do to show appreciation in a specific way that would make an impact on her. It could be one of the greatest gifts she has gotten. For example, if you know she is passionate about a cause or group, donate your time or money in her honor. Better yet, if you’re volunteering, ask her to join you.

5. Take her out for a coffee, a drink, or a dinner. No matter the size, she will appreciate that you thought of her and want to spend time learning more from her.

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