5 Steps to Set Goals Like a Pro

Press pause on the daily chaos to take inventory of all the great things and all the not so great things that you experienced in 2020. Now is the time to reflect and set new goals and intentions so you can start 2021 with fresh motivation, focus and energy.


How did 2020 treat you? Was it a record-breaking year? Are you exhausted from the effort you put into creating your dream life? Maybe you’re exhausted because of the ever changing environment due to COVID-19 restrictions, including the inability to see your friends and family in person as much as you once could.


Are you ready for a fresh start? Here are 5 practical tips that will help you get clear and take on 2021 for your best year ever:


1. Take time to be grateful


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Gratitude is a powerful thing. It is the fastest way to bring your mind back to positivity. Gratitude doesn’t have to be grand or noble. Start with simple things that you can always feel grateful for -- family, friends, the ability to work. Keep a gratitude journal, send out notes to people, even tell someone the things you’re grateful for. However you choose to show gratitude, make sure you do it regularly, especially when you need an energy boost.



2. Be objective in your reflection


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When you look back, write down all the things that were good and bad, and don’t allow yourself to dwell on them. Jot down at least 10 positives and at least 5 negatives -- we learn lessons from both. If you recall something that you need to feel down about for a moment, set a timer for two minutes  and commit to moving forward when time is up. You can always revisit anything you uncover if it needs more attention. Don’t speed through this step -- it is GOLD on a page when you finish.


Here are some reflection questions you can ask yourself:

What went well? poorly?

What do I want to be known for?

What would I like to improve upon? (Actually make a list and then pull out the 5 highest priority items to set goals around.)

What would others say I did well?

What are my highest values?

How would I rank myself in each area of my life? (We reference the Seven Circles from The One Thing)   

What words would I or others use to describe me?

What are my strengths? weaknesses?

What do I need to learn to overcome or minimize my weaknesses?



3. Start with “someday”


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Start dreaming with the ultimate goals in mind. Dream big and avoid limiting yourself. Take some of the questions above and add, “In an ideal scenario,” at the beginning or end. Ask questions like, “In an ideal scenario, what kind of life do I want to live?”


Once you have your big dreams, reverse engineer them. Decide how far out you would like those big “someday” goals to be your reality, then figure out what your milestones are -- 10 years out, 5 years out, 1 year out. Start with the farthest away and ask a guiding question like, “In order to live my ideal life, in 10 years _____ needs to be accomplished.” “In order to achieve my 10 year goals, in 5 years _____ needs to be accomplished.” And so on, down to the 1 year, the quarter, the month, the week and even down to the daily activities needed to keep you on track.



4. Don’t bite off more than you can chew


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Live by the K.I.S.S. rule (keep it simple, sweetie). While it’s great to dream and push yourself, it’s important to feel like you can accomplish the goals -- otherwise you are setting yourself up for failure. Set SMART goals.


Specific - clearly identify, “What does success will look like?”

Measurable - if you can’t track your progress, how will you know you are on target?

Attainable - you need to feel like it’s within reach, even if it’s a stretch to get to it.

Realistic - be honest with yourself as far as the time and ability you have to put toward your goals. Remember not to allow your limiting beliefs to influence you. “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” - Henry Ford

Timely - give yourself a deadline. “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” - Parkinson’s Law



5. Find accountability


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It’s important to have someone in your corner to push you when you struggle, cheer for you as you do well and call you out on behaviors that are counterproductive. Make sure your accountability partners are people you trust and with whom you can be honest. Protect your dreams from the naysayers. You should never have to justify your dreams.


Find someone who is willing to be an outsider looking in or someone who is directly impacted by your goals. Better yet, find one of each. The more you talk about your goals, the more solidified in your mind they become. Give your trusted accountability partners the permission they need to have tough conversations with you. 



Whatever your goals are, we know you can do it!


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We would love to hear about your goals and how we can support you. If you are a business owner, we want to partner with you in 2021 to offer more opportunities to our clients to work with or shop from first-class people like you!


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